Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shinan Motomachi Kobe

Minutes from Korosue, and directly in front of the JR Motomachi station (east exit) stands Shinan (新安). Another whisky retailer, in the heart of the city, that is well worth a stop over for any traveling visitor or local resident. Independent and limited edition bottlings of Scotch are in mass here along with an amazing selection of rum, vodka, and luxury wines for the fans. The retailer claims to stock over 5,000 different kinds of alcohol from all over the world. The Japanese whisky selection is quite bland to be honest but they do have an amazing assortment of Yamazki and Hakushu Vintage Malt bottlings that are enticing and justifies a visit.

Shinan carries a certain nostalgic atmosphere; the shop has apparently been around for decades and this is certainly accounted for by the two elderly staff that maintains the place. The shop not only stocks a variety of alcohol but also a few odds and ends, a selection of foreign and Japanese cigarettes I have never seen before, and enough assorted rice crackers to keep you busy while indulging. Since Shinan is within walking distance of Korosue, it's worth going between the two shops to compare prices despite Shinan’s signs dotting the front of the store suggesting a sale. At times either one can be slightly cheaper or stock something slightly different than the other. Although the shop is quite small, one can spend a good portion of time in there browsing at the Scotch selection that is stacked from floor to ceiling. Be sure to look at the shelves above and behind the counter also, there are few interesting bottles of Japanese whisky with an according price attached.

1-13-11 Motomachi,
Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi

078-331 3503


Introduction by Clint A


  1. Hi Clint,

    Do you know what is the price range like for Yamazaki Vintage Malts?


  2. Hi Jacky, thanks for your message. Unfortunately I cannot remember the prices of the top of my head so I will have to visit there when time allows me. Once I do/can I will let you know. Many thanks. Clint

    1. Hi Clint,

      Sharing your picture and info of Shinan (新安) in my facebook. It's great blog for introducing Japanese whisky. Keep going.


  3. Hi Steve, I'm glad the post on Shinan(新安)was of some assistance. Thanks for sharing it. Please look forward to a variety of more small stores being introduced throughout the next couple of months.

  4. Jacky, although not Yamazaki Vintage Malts, Bic Camera in Namba has an interesting selection of Yamazaki "Owners Cask" expressions that you may be interested in. Take a look at this post:


    As mentioned in an email, as soon as I have the chance to visit Shinan again I will compile a price list of their Yamazaki Vintage Malts.