Friday, October 21, 2011

Ichiro's Malt Final Vintage of Hanyu - For the Taster 48%

Distilled: 2000 - Bottled: 2010 - Age: 10 year-old - Cask types: sherry, hogshead, and puncheon 

Nose: Sherry, musk, marmalade jam, herbs, molasses, orange liqueur, new upholstery.

Taste: Sherry, spice, cloves, and slightly raisiny.

Finish: Rich, semi-complex, with a linger of spice and treacle.

Comment: Certainly much more pleasurable this time around than the first time, which was at the Hanshin tasting session. I tried the tinniest of portions from a small plastic shot cup. On this occasion I had one or two whiskies before getting amongst The Taster, next time I will start with it straight of the bat and see what happens. Maybe a change will occur? Either way it was quite pleasing.

Review by Clint A

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