Monday, October 24, 2011

The Cask of Yamazaki 1993 - Heavily Peated Malt

Distilled: May/1993 - Bottled: Oct/2007 - Wood type: White oak - Cask type: Puncheon - Cellar: Ohmi aging cellar - Cask number: 3Q70042 - Bottling No. 311/574 - ABV: 62%

Nose: Saute mushrooms with a splash of worcestershire sauce, mowed grass, oak, smoke from incense sticks. Nothing overly medicinal, but strong peat and earthy. Overused (faint) vanilla pot-puri.

Taste: Oak, HP sauce, incense smoke. Unfortunately I could not pick up anything else distinguishable, as this was my fourth malt in.

Finish: Reasonably long, semi-complex with a heavy linger of spice and subtle peat.

Comment: This bottle was opened, consumed, and reviewed  after having a few drams, which included For The Taster. I will tuck into this gem first thing next time and see what differences occur. Water was not added this time around, but I believe a bit of water may add wonders. Currently Rakuten has sold out of this expression and it appears to be quite challenging to come across, well worth the perseverance though.

Reviewed by Clint A


  1. Yes this one NEEDS water

  2. At 62% I'm not sure why I didn't add water in the first place...hang on a minute....there was none around except soda water hence going it without.
    looking forward to dram this with water and a long proper tasting. I best hurry, only half the bottle is left after the last session!

  3. Don't think I have tried a heavily peated Yamazaki. Looking forward to a possible updated review later?

  4. There are some mixed reactions about the Heavily Peated Yamazaki Chris (whiskywall). A lot to do with which cask apparently. I personally think it is fantastic. An updated review will be on its way. I'm looking forward to it that is for sure.