Monday, January 24, 2011

Yamazaki Owner's Cask 1997/2009

"Suntory Single Cask Whisky - The Owner's Cask 58 percent alcohol".

Distilled: 1997 - Bottled: 2009 - Cask number: BX 70190 - Cask type: hogshead 

Nose: Tinned fruit salad. Fruit Tingles. Vanilla, musk, new car upholstery, maple syrup, vanilla ice cream, lamingtons, flat cola, and Chico jelly babies. Then, white chocolate with dusty almonds and light honey (sounds like a Toblerone). Lurking - mellow hints of Licorice Allsorts

Taste: Rich fruit salad syrup with sweet balsamic vinegar. Spicy Fruit Tingles. There is a lovely mouthful of custard tart and other assorted subtle spices. Again, that mellow hint of licorice is also present on the palate with cola. With time a dash of honey and nougat.

Finish: Sensational. Spice begins initially small then leaves an array of mixed prolonged spice on the palate. A welcoming party on your tongue.

Balance: Very well balanced and holds its weight and character. Quite silky with long lasting temptations.

Comments: Satisfying, worth having a dram of this malt during the evening. Bigger, better, bolder, and richer as time prevails both in the glass and in the bottle. Don't judge on your first glass.

Reviewed by Clint A


  1. The Owners Casks are a great way to taste single casks from Suntory.In Japan a lot of these sell for around half the price of Yamazaki and Hakushu's 'standard' 18YO. Usually pretty good value at bars there also at around Y1200-1300 a shot.
    Tasty review as well Clint, certainly made me want to try it. I love Chico's! :)

  2. Thanks dramtastic. Yes, the pricing for a shot seems to sound about right, obviously it slightly differs depending on the bar but generally around there. Glad to see you love Chico's, to be honest I have not had them for years but it was one of the first notes that came to mind when tasting the 97 owner's cask.