Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt No-Age-Statement 43%abv

Nose: Christmas fruit cake, custard pudding, cinnamon sticks, slight hint of fennel, and vanilla ice-cream. Once the initial sweet notes are exposed, a wave of wood presents itself; hiding and lurking in the background....perhaps balsa wood. Whiffs of yellow capsicum.

Taste: Fresh licorice, sweet onions, Chinese-5-spice, straight chai tea, fresh, non-crushed pepper balls with a slight salty tang.

Finish: A very deceiving malt with the initial indication of nothing but sweet sensations, followed by a long wave of spice on the finish.

Balance: Smooth but not silky; mouth watering with little oily presence. Not a massive kaboom in your mouth but it pulls its weight and covers the majority of departments.

Comments: Let this malt open up a bit before nosing. Give it a good 5 minutes in the glass before tasting. No water added.


  1. I agree about the Miyagikyo NAS. This is one time when I prefer this to the Yoichi equivalent.

  2. Interesting dramtastic. I have heard a lot of the opposite. Meaning, others prefer the Yoichi NAS. Glad you agree, the Miyagikyo NAS I believe is a splendid dram.