Monday, November 7, 2011

Mars Amber Blended Whisky 40% abv

Nose: Weak sherry, damp towels, peppered cauliflower, plastic buckets, slightly cereal and a very faint florally note.

Taste: Faint solvent, peppered cabbage water, again weak sherry, thin almost vanishing in your mouth.

Finish: Short would be an understatement. Watery. Not a lot happening besides the quick disappearance of spice.

Comment: Nothing really unpleasant about this blend but don't expect a lot to happen. Now that is just my opinion of course. Dare I say it but maybe good for a mixer? 

Review by Clint A


  1. Tis good as a mixer, just ask my Mrs Uncle who polished off a bottle as such while we were in Tokyo. Should also mention price, at under AUD$20 for 720ml worth a shot.
    I tried it neat again(I've had a bottle before) and while pretty average, for me there were no off notes or spirity flavour from memory(better check my notes).

  2. Yes I should have mentioned that it retails for 1240 yen, well it did at Pardon anyway. That in it self is well worth a reason to try it. I'm happy I tried it, and got another under my belt, but for now I would honestly say I would buy it again unless for a party were I knew people would mix it. As I said nothing really unpleasant but I personally didn't get much out of it. I will go it again soon, on the day I didn't have a 100% clear nose if that made my opinion the way it did but I cannot see it being much different. Lets see than. Would love to see a detailed review from you Brian on this. There is not one on Nonjatta I believe?

  3. No review yet Clint, I wrote my notes a couple of weeks ago it Tokyo but have a bunch of others to post on nonjatta before that one goes up. Actually should mention that i mixed it a couple of times as well(like I do with a lot of cheaper blends)and it was good in that role.