Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nikka Pure Malt Black 43%abv

Nose: Slight varnish, grape bubble gum (Hubba Bubba), faint peat, dried mango, slightly nutty, honey, oak, and French toast (cinnamon/butter/sugar). What an array of aromas.

Taste: The bubble gum stays present, pepper, malty tones, honey in water, and salty Dutch licorice.

Finish: Complex. Short to medium finish was my first opinion but it took me by surprise halfway through and began a medium to long leg with spice lingering and tiny waves of peat. The licorice presence hovered amongst oak and ginger. Good balance of sweetness and spice.

Comment: This whisky is one you could have a few in a row without boredom or hesitation. Despite this malt not falling in the premium price range so to speak, I found I consumed this quicker than any other highly priced bottle I have, indicating something positive perhaps? Look forward to comparing it with the Pure Malt White and Red. I should also add that I’m very fond of the economical stubby bottle design. One possible improvement in my opinion could be the cork; unfortunately the cork itself is coated with a plastic resin that I found not to be 100% airtight.......goodness me, I've just poured myself another dram.

Reviewed by Clint A


  1. Very nice whisky Clint and another bargain Nikka IMO. Haven't tried the red but the White is another kettle of fish compared to the Black. Whites blended with an Islay malt of unknown origin and I enjoy the extra peatyness. The Black is more closely aligned to a typical Yoichi with the Hubba Bubba and gentle well layered smoke.

  2. A good whisky indeed Brian. I have had this in mind for a very long time but wanted to get through others first. Being a big Islay fan I'm looking forward to the peat and salt of the White. Unfortunately every shop I have encountered so far has not had it, or the Red for that matter. I guess Black is the dominant seller so the stick with whats best. But from various sources it appears White is the winner. Not to many good reports on the red which is dominantly Miyagikyo but with Yoichi I believe?

  3. The Pure Malts are very enjoyable bargains. I really like the white over the black and red. I can usually find all three at the Bic Camera.

  4. Hi Chris (Whiskywall), thanks for the heads up with Bic Camera. I don't usually buy whisky from places like that as it takes away the excitement compared to actually browsing around a liquor shop. But if you want it you want it. I will take a look though since I have not seen the White in any of the stores I visit. Appreciated.