Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcoming Retreat - Bar Augusta Tarlogie

Bar Augusta is quite a dimly lit establishment with two entrance doors. Basically one side of the establishment (right door) caters for groups, while the left entrance, for individuals, takes you into a narrower and smaller place with a long bar. Either way, both parts of Bar Augusta provide equally the same patronage and have the same atmosphere. Besides the reasonable malt selection, including some good domestic bottlings, Bar Augusta has an array of pleasing whisky ornaments and memorabilia. Occupy yourself while dramming and take in the collection of cased goods, signatures, pot stills and  photos while conversing. Readers who have had the pleasure to drink at Bar Augusta will certainly agree that the tenders of this establishment are very knowledgeable. A little history is heartily provided with each dram consumed, and if you are in one of those situations were making a selection is overwhelming the tenders will provide recommendations.

I was largely impressed not with the variety but with the limited edition and anniversary bottlings, mainly in domestic brands. I had the pleasure in spoiling my palate with a few drams but most remarkable would have been the cask strength peated version of Yamazaki. Bottled in 1993 with an alcohol volume of 62 percent, this bourbon cask bottling labeled “NBA Osaka Kita-Private Choice” is only available to members of the Nippon Bartenders Association. If you want something a bit special than usual, ask for it, but be prepared to pay special prices. Otherwise just opt for a dram of your favourite and pay accordingly. Anti-smokers should also take note that this bar, compliant with its formality, is a smoke free zone. If you’re ever in Umeda and want an experience, and certainly an education, do pop into this place for a dram. I know I certainly will be back. The location of Bar Augusta couldn’t be any better, especially for residents in Osaka. Certainly not hard to find and only a short walk from Umeda’s Chayamachi district, basically behind the Umeda Loft store towards the main road (which you need to cross).

Arakawa Building 1F
2-3, Tsurunocho, Kita-Ku, Osaka-shi

7-minute walk from Hankyu Umeda station (308 meters)
8-minutes from the Midosuji Subway line Umeda station
15-minutes from the JR Osaka station


Opening hours:

Regular holiday:

Introduction by Clint A


  1. Looks like a great place. I miss the quaintness and selection of the bars in Japan. Just not the same here.

  2. Nothing better than quaint whisky bars.....I keep forgetting to ask where "here" (whiskywall) is exactly?

  3. Here = San Francisco

  4. Tried this thanks to ciming across your blog....Thanks! Great bar.

    1. Your welcome Anonymous. Whiskies R Us wrote this introduction a long time ago - way before some of the most recent write ups on the bar. Glad you liked it.