Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcoming Retreat - BAR CADBOLL

In one of the outlying districts of Osaka lays a little gem hidden away in an alley from the mass of daily traffic and pedestrians. The majority of people aware of this cozy little malt bar named CADBOLL is due to word of mouth. The “Master” of this well antiqued wood finished bar has a profound knowledge on single malt, in particular domestic bottlings. There are a number of whiskies to suit the palate of every visitor and Mr. Hayashi is happy to provide personnel recommendations for those who want a challenge.

Besides stocking standard favourites from the motherland, BAR CADBOLL’s emphasis is on Japanese malts that include a range of Ichiro’s famous card series along with a variety of Yamazaki’s Owner’s Cask editions. There is nothing complicated about this informal little retreat. Tucked away from the main street, this hideout provides unforgettable warmth while complementing its whisky with music.

CADBOLL is a short walk from the Temmabashi subway station and is relevantly easy to access.

Osaka Chikamatsu Bldg 1F
2-20-2, Kokumachi, Chuo-ku

In Japanese
大阪府大阪市中央区石町2丁目2-20 近松ビル1F


Introduction by Clint A

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