Monday, December 22, 2014

Miyagikyo Original Blended Whisky Distillery Bottle 40% abv

Nose: Maintains a lovely fruity combination that is typical of Miyagikyo - persimmon jam, golden delicious apples, and soft banana slices from tinned fruit salad. Definitely carries aromas for warmer weather opposed to winter. Fair to say this holds a sweet nose, which includes strawberry icing sugar pushing through to caramelized cinnamon sugar glaze once past the fruit. Regardless of knowing - one could easily think that there is little if not no grain at all in this, very clean. Plain corn chips. Right at the end there is the slightest tease of peat.

Taste: Lightly bodied and extremely easy drinking. Retains a reasonably mild spiced fruit chutney and nutmeg mouth feel. Under ripe (semi-green) strawberries are evident along with a mellow creamy custard. More fruits are evident initially but they begin to quickly fade away before you can differentiate characteristics.

Finish: Short to moderate with mildly spiced walnuts and leaf vegetables. No distinguishable fruit here unfortunately. Here is where the grain becomes evident but nevertheless it is very respectable.

Comment: Ends a bit too quick but nevertheless this is another Nikka blend that deserves the "thumbs up"! This would shine much more at 43% and be a stellar blend at anything higher. This blend can only be purchased at the distillery and comes in 500 / 700mls respectively.


  1. Persimmon, cinnamon and banana - this sounds a bit like the quintessential Miyagikyo nose. Most Miyagikyos I had displayed a stellar nose, followed by a slightly disappointing palate and finish. Looks like this 'distillery only' blend falls into a similar category. Thanks for bringing this one up, Clint. Interesting stuff as always.

    1. Nice to hear from you Pierre, it has been a while. I have had some Miyagikyos that we stellar both on nose and taste - but mind you these were single casks. Other official bottlings were often stellar on the nose but not retaining the same qualities on the palate. Having said that I'm still a big fan of the NAS Miyagikyo - well old batches from a few years ago. Although this 'distillery only' blend is good, it would have benefited much more with a distinguishable palate. Worth the experience nevertheless.