Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka & Nikka stage a joint exhibition to mark their 80th anniversaries

To celebrate the establishment of the Rihga Royal hotel in Osaka and the foundation of Nikka whisky the two industry brand names have come together to introduce  what the hotel has named ‘Taketsuru Museum Exhibition’. According to the hotel’s webpage patrons can experience the passion and dedication through the footprints of Masataka Taketsuru – the “father of Japanese whisky”, and a man who opened up a new era in Japanese whisky. Fans alike can take a look at memorabilia that supposedly includes train tickets of Taketsuru-san’s journey from London to Glasgow, along with detailed notes (in Japanese) of his Hokkaido site search, and the famed notebook that contains notes from his studies in Scotland (replica). Unfortunately the exhibition finishes Friday 9th 2015 – apologies for the belated post. Original link can be seen (here) in Japanese.

Images borrowed from the Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka Website.

*Images of exhibition may be simulated

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