Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dramtastic Goes Solo at The Japanese Whisky Review

Born in Sydney, residing in Brisbane, Australia Brian “aka Damtastic” needs no introduction to enthusiasts on the whisky circuit. Nevertheless, he is a well-known contributor to a number of whisky forums. His passion for Japanese whisky is evident through his tastings that are set about with precision; he describes flavours he encounters in detail, modestly, and in plain mouthwatering language. Brian’s experience and enthusiasm for locally distilled whisky in Japan is invaluable.

This dedication, which Brian himself labels as “a hobby” has led to the natural progression of creating his own site The Japanese Whisky Review that will focus on what he does best: a broad range of Japanese whisky reviews, which I recommend heartily to all Whiskies R Us readers. The Japanese Whisky Review can be found under "Reviews by Dramtastic" on the side bar.

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