Friday, November 30, 2012

Nikka Taketsuru 17-year-old Pure Malt 43%abv

Nose: Stewed Australian wild peach (quandong), apricot jam on scones intertwined with a thin layer of butter and whipped cream. Sweet peat, a semi-spiced induced jelly (marmalade), frosted cornflakes, followed by a hint of lemon meringue pie, or is it concentrated golden circle lemon juice with the addition of a drop of water? As bizarre as it may sound; Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up salt.

Taste: Oaky, tame malt, and oily. The peach is present but more artificial on the palate: tinned peach syrup. Fairly dry with a sprinkle of cinnamon and bitter home brand chocolate. A drop of water releases a trace of fresh lavender cookie.

Finish: Moderate with a cheeky lingering. The oak is ever so present and there it is again: a few granules of Jane's Mixed-Up salt on the back of your tongue.

Comment: Nice and arguably complex, but I'll say it again, as a personal preference the 17-yo non-chill-filtered wins hands down in comparison to the standard 17-yo bottling. The non-chill-filtered version is a crisper, cleaner, and slightly a tad more sophisticated presentation. However, I certainly will never turn down the standard expression.

Reviewed by Clint A


  1. There is also the issue of price Clint. About Y2500-3000 more for the NCF version. Quite a bit more for something that is easily achieved during the distilation process. As a one off I'd buy a bottle of the NCF, but would be happier to buy the standard on a regular basis and save the coin.

  2. That's a good point Brian. The NCF version would most likely be bought as a one off for most people I presume, the limited outturn of it would make it hard to regularly purchase.

  3. I bought a couple of bottles of the NCF which is now sold out. I find it a distinct step up from the standard bottling (having compared a dram of each side by side).
    Perhaps they should make the NCF the new standard bottling & remove the price premium. There is less handling after all & only 3% difference in % alcohol.
    I'd happily drink either one though!