Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tales of Brewing and Distilling Craftsmanship

To celebrate the 10th museum anniversary of Osaka University, an exhibition on the history and manufacturing of Japanese alcohol will run until January 19. The museum's 15th exhibition looks at the brewing and distilling innovation of Japanese pioneers in the beer, sake, and whisky industry (past and present), particularly those from the Kansai region. On Saturday, January 12, a special seminar will take place focusing purely on Japanese whisky and the man behind it all: Masataka Taketsuru (up to 30 attendees). Admission is free.

Exhibition info (in Japanese)

Image borrowed from the Museum of Osaka University


  1. I went to have a look today. While the exhibition is very small some rather interesting items are on display, especially in the section dedicated to the origins of Japanese whisky. There are, for example, facsimile excerpts of Taketsuru Masataka's handwritten journal that he kept while studying the art of whisky-making at different Scottish distilleries. Or there are original items from Suntory's "Torys Bars" that were wildly popular during the Showa area. And did you know that the first poster in Japanese media history showing a (half-)naked woman was from Suntory (then called Kotobukiya), advertising its Akadama port wine? I had a good time looking at all the objects and can recommend it to anyone interested in the history of Japanese whisky.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Pierre. I have still yet to take a look but it certainly sounds like its worth a visit regardless. Interesting to hear about Taketsuru san's excerpts. As for the posters, I have seen a few marketing posters with half-naked women from Suntory, and not just for Akadama, but I didn't know the brand was the first to do so. Interesting. Thanks for the recommendation, Pierre.