Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hakushu Heavily Peated 2012 48% abv

Outrun: 3000 bottles

Nose: Sweet smoked deli meats: smoked honey ham, wood spice, sweet lemon sherbet lollies, natural and subtle citrus zest: a mixture of yuzu and sudachi, trademark qualities of this distillery. There is an element of moist freshly cut wood chips and natural salt pans. All these aromas intertwine with low key vanilla. An experiment with water added a touch of riesling, sheep's wool (lanolin?), and sweet elegant peat.

Taste: Pork crackling, a hint of shiso, salt rock, sudachi, subtle sweet smoke (certainly not medicinal), and interestingly enough towards the last few drops of the glass (with water added) Dutch salted licorice.

Finish: Medium-long with effervescent citrus, salt tang, and a sophisticated injection of smoke. Mouth coating stuff.

Comment: The 180ml bottling of the Hakushu HP 2012 is approximately 2,500 yen, a great alternative for those with limited funds. However, if your budget allows, it may be sensible to fork out the extra for the 700ml. I have always loved Hakushu's HP, personally the 2010 bottling takes the award, I prefer this over other years, but apparently there is no taste difference, I think otherwise.

Reviewed by Clint A 

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