Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mars Maltage Komagatake Pure Malt 10 Years 40%abv

Nose: A luscious basket of fresh and dried fruits: tinned apricots and peaches, slight aroma of Japanese pear, mashed strawberries and hints of banana custard. Over time candied musk sticks surface with dried pineapple and malt. Wood spice and karinton: black sugar fried dough biscuits.

Taste: Mild and ultra-clean but slightly a tad watery for my liking. Bitter chocolate, walnuts, malty, brown sugar and burnt toffee are the major flavours. The mouthfeel is totally opposite to the nose, where did all the lush fruits vanish to?

Finish: Short to medium; but leaning more towards the quicker side of things with an abrupt bitterness, walnuts, followed by minerals.

Comment: Good evening dram over a moderately warm night regardless. Certainly fair to say the nose wins hands down over the taste, nevertheless a good experience. I'm supportive of what these guys are producing. I should mention that the bottle design for this malt, 3 plus 25, and their (old) single cask expressions are favoured by me, sophisticated design.

Reviewed by Clint A


  1. Curious as to what relation this one has to the old 10YO that came in a porcelain bottle and was labelled single malt.

  2. Hi Brian (aka Dramtastic), the old Komagatake 10-yo that came in the porcelain bottle is/was some what more special compared to the above bottle reviewed. As you most likely know the 10-single malt in the white porcelain bottle was limited to only 1,500 bottles and was bottled using Genshu malt from the older Mars distillery. The 10-year-old you are talking about (and reviewed) was released the same time as the Satsuma 12 and 15-yo single malt single malt. As far as I know the 10-yo Komagatake I reviewed above was bottled at the new grounds (distillery) as an "openning bottle", openning of a new era/location/distillery. Do you have any extra insight into this Brian?