Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dwindling Single Cask Stock at Whisky Shop W

This year: 2012, has been a year, like many before, to have an array of new bottlings hit the market. Looking at Japanese whiskies in particular, consumers who lean towards and favour whisky from the island have been relatively spoilt for selection these past few months (providing you have been able to acquire bottlings before being snapped up once they hit the Internet). Amongst this year's welcoming selection is the Whisky Shop W 2nd anniversary single caskYamazaki and Hakushu bottlings that proved to be popular once again for its limited outrun. On the release (September) of these beauties many were sold straight of the bat (in particular the Hakushu single cask) leaving most people with the belief that the anniversary bottlings are no longer available. However, some of you may be thrilled to learn that currently (October 16) there are a handful of both the Hakushu and Yamazaki single cask bottlings available directly through the shop and not via their website (in particular the Hakushu). The remaining amount of stock left can change at any given minute, so it is fair to say “hurry” while they lasts.

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