Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mini-Seminar at Whisky Shop W

Whisky Shop W will hold two mini-seminars for the first time in a while on October 25 (Thursday) and November 2 (Friday). Seats are still available for the October session (in Japanese only), which starts at 3:00PM and runs for an hour. For an easily affordable sum of 1,000 yen enthusiasts can indulge in Yamazaki's Genshu 12-year-old and other Yamazaki cask collection whiskies. Seat capacity is however very limited so if interested pop into the store and make a reservation or call 06-6341-3123 (in Japanese only).


  1. Would love to go on the 25th but November 2nd is more probable, how many seats do you think they will have, its a pretty small shop.

  2. David, capacity has been reached for the November session and as far as I know there are only a handful of seats for October. It certainly is a small shop so you could expect it to be minimal.