Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yoichi 10yo Single Cask Cask Number # 407512 61%abv

Nose: Dusty wooden shipping pallets, rich earthy tones, sweet clay, sieved soil, dusty sheds with natural flooring (dirt), wood glue and tree sap. With water the malt becomes tamer and adds a bit of sweetness: meringues, Japanese ramune, and sweet balsamic vinegar. The dust is certainly still present: dusty wool. Very complex but the alcohol is relatively clean in my opinion considering the ABV.

Taste: Wow! Is this really a 10-year-old? Almonds and quite vegetal: thick and salty mushroom soup. The soil, again, has a heavy presence. A good splash of water reveals bitter chocolate and lot of oak.

Finish: Dry, medium to long. Tongue numbing. Earthy with a vegetal mouth feel with prolonged sweet spice on the addition of water.

Comment: Massive malt with massive alcohol. Certainly not a malt for the faint hearted. Extreme and complex in my opinion. Playing with water is fun, and obviously a must. An eye opening experience regardless and I’m looking forward to my next dram of this. This bottling is only available at the distillery, or alternatively you can call directly and organize delivery of their single expressions (within Japan only). Free dial: 0120-170389 (Japanese only).

Reviewed by Clint A 


  1. One of my favorites - obviously changes with each different cask. I generally like the 10 better than the older age statement single casks.

  2. I would have to say the same Chris (Whiskywall), when I was at the distillery recently I picked this 10-year-old to be the bottle to take home. For me it stood out amongst all the single cask expressions. But as you mentioned there will be changes with different casks.

  3. Well changes but not for the negative it seems as I loved my bottle of the 10 as well Cask No. #408511 61%

  4. Great tasting notes, as is always the case with Whiskies R Us. The nose sounds most intriguing. I will definitely have to lay my hands on this one sooner or later!