Friday, May 4, 2012

Mars' Arrival

Possibly one of Umeda’s iconic meeting spots is the Big Man TV, which is located at the central gates of the Hankyu Umeda station, Osaka. Above the seemingly out of date technology (TV), on the second floor, lays a relatively easy to find gourmet grocer called Seijoishi. The arguably high class chain that stocks a variety of both international and domestic foods have a small but at times rewarding whisky section at the Umeda store. This month the grocer have cleared some shelf space to make way for, on last count, three bottles of Mars' single cask whisky. Stefan over at Tokyo Whisky Hub first made us aware of the chain in Tokyo stocking this and describes in detail the single cask bottlings. Finally, it seems that some of these limited bottles have made their way to Umeda.


  1. Not quite cheap, the single cask bottlings from Mars. Did you ever have the opportunity to sample one?

    1. Apologies for the belated reply. Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of tasting any single cask bottlings from Mars, I hope for that to change soon.