Monday, April 23, 2012

White Oak Akashi Single Malt 5yo Original Bottling 1st Release 45%abv

Nose: Apricot nectar, a tinge of floral scents; dandelions. Smoke from burnt tyre rubber. Biscuit dough, yellow apple and crunchy nut corn flakes.

Taste: Light. Thyme, a hint of liquorice, sweet minimal waft of smoke, massive attack of ginger and small apple vinegar spice.

Finish: Short-medium. A finale of dried thyme, anise and sweet spice: ginger.

Comment: This tasting is from a recently opened bottle. I have tasted this on a few occasions, and I thought the 5-year-old to be adequate but average. Despite its age it has enough character to carry itself on a dedicated tasting.

Reviewed by Clint A


  1. Good to see that you're back online. You seem to have worked on the logo in the meantime, I like the new version. As for the Akashi 5yo I can definitely confirm the burnt rubber tyre.

    1. Although late Pierre, I thought a new year therefore a new logo. Unfortunately still having issues with being online but not to worry, I have a bunch of things to write about when I can.

  2. Had 2 bottles of this never found burnt rubber tyre. Do get the crunchy nut cornflake note.
    I enjoy it a lot.

  3. First thing that I picked out, well besides the apricot nectar, was the burnt rubber tyre. To be more specific it was the smell of a car doing a burnout, the smell of smoke and rubber from it. Not a thick trace but I certainly got the waft and associated it with that. Still, I enjoy it never the less.

  4. Haven't had a bottle of this for over a year. The burning rubber smacks of the increased use in current releases of inferior quality sherry cask whisky in the mix IMO.