Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Torys Coke & Lemon Highball

In addition to the original Torys Extra canned dram, we’ve also seen the Ginger and Yuzu (winter limited edition) versions amongst Suntory’s continuing highball portfolio. Now, apparently for spring, a coke and lemon limited edition will become available throughout the nation from April 10. In a recent news release Suntory reports a major increase in sales due to the popularity of the drink, which today, seems the norm amongst patrons who frequent Izakaya’s and the like. My guess is, new flavours will continue to appear on the market in given time. The question is, what else in terms of flavour experimentation would work for a highball? In the past I predicted Ume (plum), but that just doesn’t sound right. 

Image obtained from the official news release.

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