Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mars 3&7 Blended Whisky 39% abv

Nose: Light, green apple skins, marzipan, and sandalwood. After a relatively long and patient wait notes of flat cola, watery lime icy poles (home brands), dusty floorboards, and oak are present.

Taste: Watery, again marzipan, sweet spice, and subtle oak.

Finish: Extremely short with sweet spice and an overdue hint of fennel and oak.

Comment: At 39 percent, and with its initial light and watery notes, obviously adding water to this blend is strictly not needed. A lot of people have different opinions on warming up malt, at times I agree, but with this blend I believe it is necessary. Give this time and let it open up. Lets not forget though, at 1200 yen a bottle you get what you pay for. In my opinion this blend could have so much more potential if bottled at a higher strength, regardless it’s well worth trying. The current Mars distillery owned by Hombo Shuzo is nestled seemingly 798 meters above sea level, amongst the Alps of Mt.Komagatake, and the distillery’s high quality water source is drawn from 129m below ground level. The “three” refers to grain whisky aged for three years while the “seven” refers to the use of seven-year-old malt.

Reviewed by Clint A

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