Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nikka Black Tetra Packs

The recent influx of home brand blended whisky hitting the shelves of Japanese supermarkets has inspired me to, when possible, go into each and every supermarket I come across in my local area and enthusiastically report on any new findings. It certainly appears that local supermarkets are a good place to converge on and gather up whisky intelligence of late, which makes sense; supermarkets are at the forefront of promotion and introduce standard bottlings, first-hand to consumers, often before the distillers advertise them themselves. This happened in the case of Black Nikka’s new 1.8 litre tetra pack carton that was introduced to Kansai supermarkets recently before information could officially be seen elsewhere. Adding the 1.8 litre carton to Black Nikka’s existing 16 various sizes is not really all that new as Nikka previously had the same measure in a plastic bottle, which we are all familiar with. However the introduction of the screw top carton that is reminiscent of the production and packaging of Japanese Sochu continually suggests that the popularity of domestic whisky is forever increasing and that supply is strongly in demand. As with the introduction of Suntory’s 300ml Torys (Extra) blend a few months back, these new additions that sprout up are lucratively providing consumers with additional choices suited to their needs or environment.


  1. Not sure when this was released but they had already packaged the HINIKKA in the same way a few months ago. Maybe you've seen it Clint?

  2. Hi Brian, that's interesting. I have not seen the HINIKKA in any of the supermarkets in the tetra pack (carton), also the official Japanese Nikka website seems to have not included it in their line up as of yet. As for the release of the Black Nikka carton, the employee told me that they have only had it in stock for a very short time. Could well and truly have been released in other parts of Japan much earlier though, excluding Kansai. Thanks for the information.

  3. Here is the link to the picture I post of the HINIKKA tetra pack. Checking the date I thought it was longer ago, but it shows only a month.