Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nagano Outdoor Whisky Festival 2011

Fill your favourite backpack with all your preferred goodies and head for the hills, the hills of Nagano prefecture to be precise. September 17, which falls on a Saturday, makes way for one pleasant outdoor event that should not be missed. In the town of Nagawa lies an alluring mountain, which transforms into the Blanche Takayama Ski Resort through out the winter. However, during the summer the lush green pastures make way for events such as the Outdoor Whisky Festival 2011. This event, the first of its kind in Japan, provides the perfect opportunity to get in touch with nature while contemplating the smorgasbord of 150 domestic and international whiskies with an all-you-can-drink policy, slightly hard to believe but clearly stated. This policy excludes rare bottlings I’m lead to believe but they are available to purchase by the dram. Information suggests that this is not only an event for the enthusiast but one for the whole family. Under blanketing blue skies throughout the day an array of entertainment can be enjoyed including local food stalls, music, shows, exhibitions, and workshops, while during the cool evening campfires and BBQ’s are on offer for the whole family to experience.


advanced 1,500
on the day 2,000


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