Monday, August 29, 2011

Highballing Hakushu in the Park

Hakushu in the Park”, an event that took place between April 29 and May 15 in Tokyo is back, only bigger and better it appears this time around. MIDPARK CAFÉ, which is nestled amongst the right amount of greenery, will once again transform its grassy area into an outdoor bar. From September 2 to October 2 park crusaders will have the opportunity to sip once again from a selection of Hakushu concoctions and rejoice hopefully amongst the right amount of sunlight and breeze. Word has it that highballing Hakushu in the park will become a regular thing due to the interest shown in April. Lets hope that these sorts of events will not only be limited to certain places and certain whisky in the future, but appear in major city parks nation wide. While we are on outdoor event news, the Nagano Outdoor Whisky Festival is looking ever so promising.

Photograph kindly borrowed from the Suntory website.

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