Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Suntory Whisky House

We all know the saying “better late than never” – well I’d like to apply that to this post as the news is somewhat belated. Late not because I’ve only just learnt of it, in fact I was there on the opening day, but late as I intentionally put it aside to let the hype/rush boil down. Well…that dragged on a bit until today. The big guns of the whisky industry around the world every year come up with innovative ways, often than not at huge expense, to promote and educate people/consumers about their product(s). Here in Japan, a few of the major players that need no introduction have been tantalizing locals minds/palates for years, in a welcoming competitive way, and again dropping huge sums in doing so. 

This year is no exception to the rule, especially for Suntory with the introduction of “Suntory Whisky House”. The all-in-one establishment: shop, gallery, exhibition, bar and restaurant, which is situated in the heart of Osaka, Umeda, and in the city’s newest building (Grand Front Department Store) was opened April, 29. It’s fair to say “Suntory Whisky House” caters for each and everyone’s needs whether you are looking for a dram (either neat/on the rocks/or highball style), a bite to eat in the warmly restaurant (I recommend going for one of the well proportioned affordable lunch meals), that interesting gift/souvenir (anything from chairs made out of defunct casks to pin badges), or generally want to learn about the whisky giant while strolling through their walkway exhibition. Prices are set accordingly to the new establishment and new department store.

Hardcore Suntory fans have been flocking to the newly themed “house”, which has been the talk of the town among aficionados in Osaka, and rightly so as it is a savvy place I must admit. Visitors have slightly tamed down a bit so I presume it to be a good opportunity to take a look now before summer and highball madness kick-in. 

Location: Grand Front Osaka 2F
3-1, Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi (Umeda)


  1. So what sort of 'interesting' stuff can be bought at the shop or tried at the bar Clint? Or is it just the bog standard stuff?

  2. As for "interesting" stuff, I guess it all depends on what tickles your fancy. I was impressed with the book shelves made from ex Yama casks. The bar, well IMO it is fairly standard, basically the full run of OB's, well that's what was in plain view and on the menu.