Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ichiro's Malt Single Cask Hanyu 2000 Cask# 8779

Distilled: 2000 - Bottled: 2009 - Cask#8779 - Cask type: Hogshead - Outturn: 230 - ABV: 62.9% - Age: 9-years-old

Nose: Golden brown puff pastry straight from the oven glazed with olive oil, or is it straight up olive bread? These aromas are rolling around in sweet peat and char-grilled Gingko nuts/seeds on skewers. The malt is relatively blossomy (violet and sweet floral notes) and musky with fresh and damp straw (in a very good way). Quite nutty - roasted salted almonds/pistachio with milk chocolate, in fact bring on the Nuttella spread at certain intervals. Very chameleon like - just got really complex: sweet peat - earthy (rich soil), wood planks, and creaming soda that I find in many Hanyu bottlings. Water initially transforms the aromas completely - becomes herbal: lemon thyme/lemon grass, and limoncello (Italian citrus-based lemon liqueur) before drifting off.

Taste: Slightly bitter (in a great way) with gorgeous/sophisticated peat and Sansho spice: ground berries from the Prickly Ash Tree (earthy and tangy with a bit of lemon - that lemon thyme perhaps?). Quite velvety and prickly with pencil shavings, and char grilled Gingko nuts. Yeasty and biscuity. Diluted makes things a bit salty. Is this a typical Hanyu? In my opinion - NO! Is it an active cask? Yes!

Finish: Spicy, prickly, and bitter with a medium to long grilled Ginkgo nut and lemon thyme mouthfeel. The peat is lustfully there.

Comment: A fairly complex Hanyu in my opinion - very complex for a 9yo indeed. Posses quite a few "new" or "non typical" flavours and aromas associated with my experience and Hanyu malt. This is another of my "must find another bottle for retirement" malt. It is also a fairly light looking Hanyu (obviously cask influence). Yum!

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Reviewed by Clint A


  1. Nice to see you have come around to this one Clint. I still reckon it has some similarities to GH 14!

    1. Both equally outstanding malts, a few similarities, but it was the GH 14 that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up (in a very good way). The reaction I had with both malts, although possessing some similar qualities were different IMO. Different meaning preference - leading towards the GH 14, and not due to age. Still, once this 2000 single cask is emptied I will be left with the task of hinting down another as I do like it regardless, though the outturn of this and the forever increasing popularity will make this one hard to find again. I'd love to get the 17 SC you have. Drammed it at a bar and enjoyed it a lot.

  2. I think some of the similarities with the Hanyu 9YO and the Gh14 are the following. Some non typically flavors for a Hanyu including peating. The GH has a refinement above to be sure. Glad that bar had some of the GH14, I knew you would be impressed!