Thursday, June 7, 2012

Suntory's Brand Portfolio Grows

Certainly nothing new in terms of debut and it even appears many knew of or even predicted that Suntory's portfolio in 2012 would eventually include two more malts well before advertisement and press releases came to light. May 29, saw the launch of the Yamazaki and Hakushu no-age-statement bottlings, which recently has been talk of the town regarding price and age speculation. The arrival of the new additions comes with a reasonable, good looking, new package and colour scheme thanks to the marketing department over at Suntory. The presentation of the Hakushu no-age-statement is that if a metallic army green plastic capsule while Yamazaki's is metallic maroon like.

Both the 350ml and 700ml bottlings have presentation cartons but it appears supermarkets, in particular, are not providing the option with the smaller version due to space restrictions. The 700ml bottlings come in a relatively straight forward clear carton, however it is the 350ml bottlings that win hands down in the design department, and it’s all that metallic colouring in my opinion. At the end of the day though it’s what's inside the bottle that counts. Currently the no-age expressions are retailing at the Daie supermarket, on special, at 1,750 yen for the 350ml (Co-op 1,800 yen) compared to the 10-year-old expressions which retail at an extra 300 yen (2,050 yen). For the 700ml no-age bottlings the going price, again at Daie, is retailing at 3,480 yen (Co-op 3,600 yen) compared to 10-year-olds which are on average 3,780 yen, again a difference of 300 yen.

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