Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Seijoishi - Shukugawa Station

Shukugawa: the river that hosts many cherry blossom viewing parties during the season. With an abundance of Sakura trees, which encrust the river, this particular setting is very significant for many for various reasons. For whisky consumers the significance lays within the Hankyu Shukugawa station. It is here, right on the platform itself, a Seijoishi store is plonked accordingly. Nothing can really be as convenient as this location. If you are on the Hankyu line and catching the train between Kobe and Osaka than consider getting off to shop at Shukugawa station. This Seijoishi store is possibly the best I've seen so far in terms of Japanese whiskies. 

There is nothing overly special in terms of limited bottlings, however it's the convenience and what you can get, if in a hurry and not heading all the way into Umeda. Besides the standard line-up of Hakushu, Yamazaki, and Taketsuru, the store stocks some interesting blends including Mars' 3&7, you can also get Nikka's Pure Malt Black and Red expressions, as well as a few standard bottlings of Ichiro's Malts, and a few gems, including Mars' 10-year-old the "Komagatake". Of course this may change at any given time due to purchase but in any event if you’re in the area it's worth taking a look.

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