Thursday, March 8, 2012

Taketsuru's Pure Malt Addition

Asahi Breweries Ltd., the owners of the Nikka Whisky Distilling Company have recently announced the new edition of the 500ml Taketsuru 12-year old pure malt whisky to their existing lineup, which consists of the 700ml/180ml/50ml varieties. The new 500ml bottle will be available nation wide from Tuesday, March 27. A press release from Asahi states that they have added the new 500ml bottle to their lineup to give consumers various options when considering volume, price, and ease of mobility. Whisky produced in 500ml bottles is a great option in my opinion for obvious reasons: the ability to move your whisky around easily, possibly less oxidation after opening before consumption, and basically a 500ml bottle is less of a waste than a 700ml bottle if heaven for bid you didn’t like what you bought. This announcement is very reminiscent of Suntory’s addition to their Tory’s lineup in the past.

Image obtained from Asahi's official press release.

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