Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hakushu Original Store Bottling

For those of you who have followed Whiskies R Us relatively from the beginning would be familiar with Whisky Shop W. A store owned by Suntory, which was established specifically to educate residents of Osaka and make them aware of whisky. Whisky Shop W is quite unique in the sense as it is an establishment that not only offers whisky and associated gifts for sale, but allows patrons the opportunity to sample whisky for a minimal cost. Being owned by Suntory naturally means that the nectar available is nothing but Suntory. Certainly no complaints here, especially when Suntory’s chief blenders are allowed to play around and come up with unique concoctions limited only to the store. I finally have in my possession one of these exclusive store bottlings, single malt distilled at Hakushu. Whisky Shop W informs me that there are 58 bottles remaining of this expression that retails at 3,150 yen for 300mls. Putting volume aside, this unique whisky would be well worth the money and lets not forget the 10-minute walk from the JR Umeda station. I have not opened this bottle yet but plan to enjoy it over the weekend. Keep your eyes out for the review.

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