Thursday, March 31, 2011

Original Whisky

One of Suntory’s chief blenders have come up with an original concept of fusing chocolate with Suntory’s finest malt. This concoction is an exclusive dram for WHISKY SHOP W in Osaka. The 300ml bottle has been on sale since January and has an alcohol volume of 48 percent. This exclusive bottling is limited to an amount of 1,500 bottles and retails at an arguably hefty price of 3,150 yen ($36). Sources tell me there is an adequate availability for those of you who fancy something limited. I personally have not tasted this dram so I cannot recommend it or provide tasting notes. However, I dare say it would be a good little edition to your collection being of such a limited quantity. Furthermore, this particular dram has a recommendation of being sipped neat by the experts at Suntory.

The WHISKY SHOP W is located on the first floor of the Suntory Bldg in Dojima, Osaka.

Suntory Building 1F
2-1-40, Dojimahama, Kita-ku
Osaka city

06 – 6341 - 3123

The image of the bottle and packaging was taken from Suntory's site. Thank you.


  1. Interesting concept. It looks like they use the same bottle from their distillery only releases. The price point is a little steep though.

  2. Yes I believe it may be the same bottle but different volume. For 300 mls, 35 dollars is a little steep, I myself will not be making a purchase as there are other drams that have priority.