Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hibiki Commemorative Bottlings

Through occurring events and your own evaluation a lot of you maybe thinking twice about residing in Japan. I dare say there are a lot concerned and many are presently considering their future in the land of the rising sun. I do appreciate this may be a time when one cannot and does not want to read about whisky in this despair. However, I do appreciate that those of you who are choosing to leave would like to obtain some material possession from here besides the vast memories you all have.

On my recent trip back home, via Kansai airport, I came across something that I would like to share. There, in the duty free shop after passing immigration is a commemorative bottling of a 17-year-old Hibiki. This beautiful decanter is engraved in gold etchings of cranes and cherry blossoms. This limited edition decanter is retailing for 10,000 yen (about $121) and comes in an elaborate gift box with silver lining.
For aficionados of Japanese whisky and for those that would like something special this blend may be the token regardless of price. I believe these bottlings are limited but unfortunately I cannot remember the information regarding how many bottles are available.

Kansai airport also stock a variety of Yamazaki and Hakushu aged expressions along with the full Hibiki series. If you are down that way for whatever reason, or even better a friend going on holiday, please do consider.

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