Thursday, September 15, 2011

Suntory's New Ambassador

Farewell to a familiar face that braced many a train carriage, billboard, magazine, and TV advertisement throughout Japan. No longer will the star-studded actress Koyuki-san imbed your minds and continue to push the lucrative highball boom. Today, September 15, Suntory announced that it has appointed a new actress to fill the role of the former ambassador to reinforce the brand. From September 23, Miho Kanno will become the new face of Suntory’s kaku highball campaign, and make her first appearance in Suntory’s new Kaku highball TV commercial that will be televised throughout Japan.

Update: September 16, I was later informed hours after writing this post that there was more to the "brand reinforcement". Basically when Koyuki-san fell pregnant Suntory decided it was not appropriate to mix pregnancy with alcohol, hence the replacement. So we may see her  familiar face again.

images taken from sankei

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