Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ikari - JR Osaka

Not a dedicated whisky shop, in fact not even a dedicated bottle shop, more like a decent mini super market with a reasonable selection of alcohol. Never the less, for anyone transiting at the JR Osaka Station through their travels at any one of Kansai’s hot spots, and looking for that last minute gift, then Ikari could be the place. Conveniently situated at the west exit, inside the JR Osaka Station, literally ten steps from the ticket gates is Ikari. Here, you will be able to purchase from a very small selection of Japanese whisky that includes Nikka’s 15-year old Yoichi, 12-year old Taketsuru pure malt, a few assorted blends from Suntory, as well as miniature bottles of Yamazaki 12-year old. I would only recommend JR Osaka Ikari as a last minute resort, without an option, say, while changing trains in Osaka ready to head to the airport and wanting to take back a bit of Japan to your home town. Although there are some good quality duty free Japanese whiskies available at the Kansai airport, those on a budget or wanting to relieve themselves of shrapnel, loading it off here on reasonable pure malt such as the aforementioned Taketsuru malt might be more practical. Ikari stores are dotted throughout Kansai and each store stocks products accordingly to their customer’s needs or location. Often larger stores will have a better selection so if you have the opportunity to come across one in your travels, which I can almost certainly guarantee you will, pop in and take a look.

For long term residents wanting whisky, take a look at either one of the large department stores in Umeda, or keep your eye out for further entries at Whiskies R Us for shop listings in Osaka. 

Ikari JR Osaka Station

Opening hours
7:30am~11:00pm daily


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