Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ichiro's at Hankyu Umeda

It seems like not so long ago I mentioned the words “Ichiro’s malt”. Well in actual fact it wasn’t. It was a short while ago in an entry about a very entertaining tasting session at the Hanshin department store in Umeda. In an act of competitiveness or just out of pure coincidence, the Hankhyu department store, also in Umeda, recently have jumped in on the act and have several bottlings of Ichiro’s malt on offer, from the famed card series to the equally well-known Mizunara expression. Hankyu have been known to provide  a tasting with Ichiro’s malt in the past, unfortunately this time it’s not the case. Although the pricing of these somewhat delicate drams can possibly put you off, it’s worth taking note that the series won’t be around forever and possibly worth the investment (for consumption) down the track. At present, there certainly appears to be no shortage of Ichiro’s malt around the Osaka area. Although the Hankyu department store in Umeda has a few expressions on offer, most of the expressions are limited to small quantities, often than not, one bottle of each expression.  If you have been thinking of purchasing something a bit more special than normal, head in to either one of the department stores aforementioned, compare prices, and have chat to the knowledgeable staff (most of the time). 


  1. I'm a big fan of Ichiro's Malts but just a warning.
    Steer clear of the Mizunara Wood Reserve and the Wine Wood Reserve.
    In strict comparison with almost all the other Ichiro's Ive had, these are very average IMO.

  2. Not the first time I have heard that, may explain why a lot of shops have copious amounts of the stuff.

  3. ahhhh! and I just got both bottles not too long ago. Good thing it was only the smaller 200mL bottles. =P

  4. Fortunately Chris mine were only the 200ml as well.