Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mitsubishi Pure Malt Oak Premium Edition

We all enjoy tracking down bottles of whisky, whether the malt is for regular consumption, investment, or to be put away for the future for special occasions. Some of us go that little bit further and accompany our affection for whisky by including paraphernalia in our accumulation. Besides bottles of malt, the occasional glass, and whisky related reading material, I for one don’t generally buy paraphernalia. However, recently I found myself breaking the pattern and making a purchase that I would like to share. 

Mitsubishi, the well renowned manufacturer of various goods, most notably cars, continue to concentrate on their stationary product line-up and come up with things of interest. The Mitsubishi Pencil CO., LTD (Uni) has carefully selected high quality dark oak wood from pure malt whisky barrels to craft writing instruments. Mitsubishi claims that the oak reclaimed and used in making their stylish pens have previously nurtured whisky for a span of more than 50 years, which is why the oak is so dark.  It then supposedly took a considerable amount of years for the oak to dry and be free of any whisky characteristics. On the description provided, it states that the Oak had a growth of 50 years before being turned in whisky barrels. Simple calculations age the wood retained in their pens to be around 100-years old.

There is no indication as to which Japanese distillery the reclaimed oak has come from, but the salesman where I bought the pen said he was led to believe they are old Yamazaki casks. Regardless of which distillery the oak comes from, just to have a bit of history in your hand is quite unique I think. Lets not forget to mention that the pen itself is quite remarkable. The polished wood provides a silky touch, retains warmth in the users hand (just like a whisky really), and has precise writing. After checking Mitsubishi’s global site, The Mitsubishi Pure Malt Oak Premium Edition lineup appears to be available only in Japan. You can check out the line-up on their official site (in Japanese) as well as place orders. I’m confident if you jump on line you will have no problems in obtaining one of these semi-luxury but very affordable pens (see mine below).

Update 8.6.2011: it appears that the Oak Wood Premium Edition pens are in fact made from old Yamazaki casks. Suntory officially provides this information on there Japanese website.

The image of the barrel making process was obtained from Mitsubishi's pencil site. Thank you.


  1. Fun stuff! I kept trying to enlarge the advertising material to see if I could read the barrels.

  2. I tried the same thing, I did seem to think they were Yamazaki barrels but I guess that was an image put into my head from the sales person. Regardless, very happy with the purchase and performance. Would be great to know what whisky the oak of my pen aged.

  3. whiskywall - updated news - it appears the Oak Wood Premium Edition pens are in fact made from Old Yamazaki casks: