Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drinking Japan by Chris Bunting

Last night, on my brisk stroll through the Kinokuniya bookstore in Umeda (Osaka), a certain book caught my attention. Amongst the “books on Japan” section, stacked seven high, was Chris Bunting’s long waiting book Drinking Japan. For new readers, Chris Bunting maintains a very popular whisky blog under the name Nonjatta. Most of you are aware of this book, and have known for sometime that it has been available through Amazon. But, it now appears to be available at all major bookstores throughout the Kansai region. An acquaintance from the Junkudo bookstore in Sannomiya also informs me that Drinking Japan is available there. There seems to be something a bit more satisfying being able to physically purchase books from a store than just clicking a button, well for some anyway, so if this is you, and you reside in Japan, these bookstores await you. I noticed the attractive cover of the book sports a bright yellow sticker on the top right hand corner. This stated that a portion of proceeds from the book would be donated to Japan Earthquake Relief (I have heard from the author that the arrangement is that half of his earnings will be donated for as long as the edition is in print). So besides looking like a good read, Drinking Japan supports a good cause. Unfortunately I have not purchased this as of yet, but the book, bound in a very soft and flexible cover, allows quick and easy reference while on the go to Japanese liquor, including a very welcoming section on whisky, and bars through out Japan. So while out and about, head into your nearest bookstore and reward yourself.

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for Drinking Japan is: 4805310545
The image was kindly obtained from the Drinking Japan website. Thank you.

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