Thursday, May 19, 2011

Uncle Torys' Moonwalk

Regardless of whether we are purists or not, we all tend to share a likening in Suntory’s big, bold, and colourful advertising that tends to be incorporated into their ads for signature blend concoctions. Since the welcoming return of the highball, Japan has been saturated with paraphernalia and campaigns, in particular from Suntory. On any given day, on any given train ride, the images, and colours of KAKUBIN and TORYS are seen from afar. The characters of “Uncle Tory” and “Koyuki” share icon status here in Japan and have in many respects turned bland blends into one of Japan's most consumed alcoholic beverages. On May 11, Suntory announced the return of Uncle Tory in yet again another likable and new 15 second commercial that began to air on Japanese TV. 

Image kindly borrowed from Suntory's "Torys website"

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