Thursday, May 19, 2011

Suntory's Peel and Win

Lucky for those currently residing in Japan and don’t mind canned drams. Suntory is currently running a campaign for the chance to receive a Kakubin highball freebie. Until May 31, simply make a purchase of Suntory’s canned Kakubin highball at any Kiosk, Heart-in, or Daily-in to be in the chance to instantly win. The “present” campaign named “one more can” is as simple as peeling of the red sticker (above) to reveal if you are lucky or unlucky. Winners can then take it to any of the participating stores mentioned to collect and quench their thirst on the spot. Not bad really, two for the price of one. On the reverse side it will either say 当たり (bingo) or 残念 (too bad). If you are not sure on the kanji, take it in anyway for confirmation. The good thing about this particular campaign is there are no hidden catches and you don’t have to register by accessing barcodes to be in it to win it. Good luck.

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