Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pre-owned Liquor Outlet Established in Tokyo

Foreign residents and visitors to Japan have most likely come across, at one stage or another during their travels, the secondhand book chain named BOOK OFF - a store that buys your unwanted pre-loved books, which then resells them on at cheap prices. Among the group's business enterprise there are other themed stores, up until now six category shops, such as HARD OFF (used computers and audio) and Hobby OFF (reselling used toys and games). One more concept shop titled Liquor OFF has recently been launched in Tokyo, stated originally by Kotaku (here), and then The Drinks Business (here). According to both sources Liquor OFF, just like it's sibling stores, is a secondhand shop that will buy unwanted liquor from the public before selling it on at a cheaper price than the original recommended retail cost. According to the store's website it buys and resells all major liquor categories such as wine, brandy, beer, champagne, Sake, spirits, and a vast array of whiskies that includes both domestic and international brands. A brief look suggests there are some good bargains to be had with some quality Japanese whiskies on offer. An interesting shopping experience that's for sure.

2-7-6 Koenji-kita, 
Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Koenji Building 1F

Image kindly borrowed from the official Liquor OFF website (in Japanese).

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