Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hakushu Sherry Cask 2014 Release 48% abv

Nose: Sweet and sour. Golden syrup, sweet BBQ sauce and/or marinade, Italian violet candy, sweet pear tart, and a spot of Dr Pepper. Then, red licorice, Black Forrest cake, English breakfast tea, and raspberry chewy confectionery. A drop of water (literally) highlights the sourness (raspberry vinegar). There's also a detection of wine mustard (French Cassis de Dijon).

Palate: Spiced-red licorice, sweet and sour cranberry sauce, fino sherry, black tea. Not as sweet as the 2013 release in my opinion. Again, hints of Dr Pepper. Ginger syrup. Mellow bitter coffee with time? Although not needed, the addition of water really ramps up a mixture of dry sourness and bitterness, but in a pleasant way. 

Finish: The sweet and sour combo is still present with an additional bitterness. Port tipped cigars.

Comment: The sourness that is present from start to finish is not potent nor dominant therefore it's certainly not off putting. Again, as a personal preference I got more out of last year’s release (even though it is often said there is not a lot of change difference between releases), nevertheless this is good - I've got only half a bottle left.

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