Thursday, December 19, 2013

Roaming Tokyo (3): Campbelltoun Loch

In a belated follow up to "Roaming Tokyo (2)", Whiskies R Us finally checks out Campbelltoun Loch in Yurakucho. Naturally, this establishment has been mentioned quite a few times by various sources (here) as it's quite a popular place for enthusiasts however, only recently I had the pleasure to experience it. As the name suggests the whisky bar predominantly stocks Scotch - an extremely impressive selection at that. A lot of independents can be found here along with some pretty rare whiskies: both old and new. On the domestic front you may be a little disappointed with the quantity, nevertheless this is overcome with quality. There is roughly (at the time of writing) a dozen premium (give or take a few) Japanese whiskies available that will please both the beginner and novice drinkers among you, which includes most punters favourite brands: Owners Casks, Karuizawa (1 bottle), Chichibu, and Mars (80s single cask Komagatake). If you decide to visit I'd advise you to leave unnecessary luggage/shopping elsewhere, the bar is in a basement that is arguably somewhat on the small and narrow side - but hey, it's all about the malt right. Best bet is to arrive dead on 6:00 pm (5:00 pm weekends) and take of advantage of everything before it all gets a bit too busy... oh, and be prepared to spend hours gazing at all the labels! Well run and hats of to the proprietor: Nobuyuki Nakamura.

Location: Matsui Building B1, 1-6-8 Yurakucho Chiyoda-ku (100m from the Hibiya station).
Phone: 03 - 3501 - 5305

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