Monday, November 25, 2013

Chichibu's 7th Edition: On The Way

On Thursday 21 September, 2013 Venture Whisky announced to its distributors that the distillery's newest expression On The Way is available for order. This exciting news is certainly not hot of the press as lucky enthusiasts who attended The Tokyo Whisky Festival this year appeared to get a sneak peak of the latest bottling, also news of the release is already circulating on Chichibu's Facebook page and by various sources. This new release for the distillery's portfolio is quite a significant turning point as it marks Chichibu's fifth year in production (began in 2008). On The Way is theocratically a NAS (no age statement) whisky that is comprised of genshu malt from vintages 2008 to 2010, which includes a portion of malt laid down in 2008 and matured in Mizunara hogsheads, as well as a few bourbon barrels from "The Floor Malted" (2009/2010 batches). To make good use of the malt's characteristics the abv was settled at 58% and bottled naturally with no added colour and not chill-filtered.

This 7th edition has an outturn of 9,900 bottles making it more accessible than most expressions released to date, and it will be priced like the majority of Chichibu expressions at 8,500 yen (excluding tax). Some distributors and retailers may get their order in before others so it depends on where you shop as to when it will hit shelves - most likely at the beginning of next week. I can't think of a better Christmas gift!

Update November 27. 2013: Most distributors and retailers have now received their orders therefore, depending on where you shop the majority of major retailers should now have "On The Way" on their shelves. 

Photo kindly borrowed from the Chichibu Distillery Facebook page

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