Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Roaming Hakata (1): Hearts Field - Whisky & Jazz

While on the road (Kyushu) I took a tour round some of Hakata's (Tenjin) exciting whisky drinking establishments. The area has an abundance of watering holes and each are to their own. Generally most whisky bars located centrally fall into either one of four categories: classic, retro, savvy, or formal - and that's just the beginning.

The first port of call for Whiskies R Us was Hearts Field - one of a few whisky landmarks in the area that provides loungey Jazz and visual history to aficionados. If whisky is the water of life and sound is music to your ears then enjoy the combo of both and reward yourself by visiting. The bar room is decorated with musical instruments and antique bits and pieces (including an old fashion Victorian style pull-chain toilet), but besides the whisky line-up perhaps the most visually entertaining objects in the room are the 1950's Hartsfield vintage mono speakers (hence the name of the bar) and the Macintosh valve amp.

The captain of the ship that dons the name badge 'Yuji' is a very down-to-earth chap who makes one feel very welcome. He is well known in the community and enjoys a friendly chat - not only about whisky but everyday life, including that of his collection of hermit crabs that have made home at one side of the bar. 

Hearts Field has a traditional atmosphere but without the pretentious - feel comfortable without feeling the need to be overly serious while dramming. Sit down on the traditional leather couch or bar counter and immerse yourself in one of the whiskies on offer, whether Japanese or Scotch there is something for all of you. Naturally I was delighted to see Yuji-san stock a handful of Owners Casks as well as some vintage Hanyu's - my favourite. Make sure to ask if there is something you want but cannot see it as he has some gems stashed away for those curious (such as the Owners Cask 1986 Mizunara). I love this place. Kasai-san (Yuji) is great fun.

2-3-5 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken, Jantiguri Building B1F


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