Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Akashi Cask Strength 5yo for Sake Shop Sato

It's very comforting to see Japanese whisky receiving lots of attention not only internationally but on the home front also. There was a time in Japan when domestic whisky was discarded and international spirits such as Scotch and Brandy was put on a pedestal. That has thankfully changed and not only consumers but retailers have realized the high quality of Japanese whiskies and are willing to lay down the funds and associate their establishment with Japanese brands, and why wouldn’t they! As we know, numerous Japanese brands and their whiskies have won a flourish of international awards over the years and will naturally continue to do so – this could possibly account for the change in local people’s attitudes towards Japanese whisky. A few well established retailers have been on the ball for a while and appreciated the potential and quality of local whisky by offering private releases. There has been a string of exceptional private releases including the most recent HST Karuizawa 14yo - a joint bottling by Liquors Hasegawa, Sake Shop Sato, and Tamagawaya. 

Continuing on in good form, Sake Shop Sato will release its second private release Japanese whisky this year from a distillery in its own backyard - none other than Kansai’s smaller distillery: Eigashima White Oak. The release is that of an Akashi 5yo single malt bottled at cask strength (58% abv) that was distilled in 2008. The new make spent the first 3 years in a hogshead maturing before being transferred to a bourbon cask (Wild Turkey) for its final 2 years of maturation before being bottled this year. The Akashi private release will be extremely affordable (estimated 3,850 yen) and has a reasonable outturn making it more accessible than most private releases. It was mentioned that it will be available at the end of this month or the beginning of October. I presume  - or perhaps speculate is a better word - it will showcase at Whisky History Osaka 2013.

Note: The label above is currently tentative and may change prior to release.

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