Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Acclaimed Directors and Suntory

To continue the nostalgic mood I'm in I thought I'd share another vintage Japanese whisky ad this week - those of you who are interested in retro whisky advertisements will surely enjoy the sentimental side of this ads past. An ad I'm sure many of you outside Japan (or many in Japan for that matter) have not seen before. For today's retrospective roundup let's take a look at what Suntory was up to in the nineties. According to the text in this ad that was published in 1990, Suntory's Crest 12yo blended whisky was produced/released to mark the brands anniversary, well at least one of perhaps a few expressions. Words such as "nobel body", "elegant maturation", and "intense excitement" were used to describe the aromas and taste of this "harmonious blend". As for the slogan of the ad (top right corner), for those wondering, it basically translates as - "after 12 years of slumber, it was woken".

We have seen many well known international celebrity faces such as Sean Connery and Sammy Davis, Jr. featuring in Suntory ads however, local big name folk also shared the limelight. Who is the savvy looking man in this ad you may wonder? It's the famed Japanese filmmaker none other the Akira Kurosawa - the acclaimed director of Kagemusha, otherwise known as the Shadow Warrior. The iconic face of Kurosawa-san adorned many Suntory ads dating back to 1980, when he and Francis Ford Coppola joined together for a series of commercials for Suntory.

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