Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mars Single Cask Private Bottling: American White Oak Cask #1143

Cask# 1143 - Bottled for ESPOA - Distilled: 1992 - Released: 2004 - Age: 12yo - Limited: 655 - Bottle No: 525 - ABV: 43%

Nose: Very pleasant. Lovely wafts of light assorted fruits: stewed apricots with a dollop of whipped cream, overripe permission, a hint of mashed banana (or even banana soft confectionary) and faint waves of pineapple and kiwi fruit. There's even a touch of lime milkshake that surfaces. These fruits present a summery nose before it transits to a light vanilla oak, honeyed oats, dried apricots and Vietnamese dried fruit chips. In the background I detect a bit of wood stain and sugared nuts. This malt becomes a bit waxy (floor wax) with oxidation but it's certainly not an off note.

Taste: Refreshing and a tad effervescent. Medium and silky with a long tongue tantalizing spiciness - nutmeg on banana peel. Quite a simple mouth feel but pleasant with spicy vanilla Chai, dried apricots, grilled permission with a pinch of Chinese five spice and oak. I should reiterate all the spice is subtle and not hard hitting by all means. Floor wax is present on third and fourth dram.

Finish: Pulls up a bit short but again, pleasant with apricots, acute spice, and cinnamon fried banana.

Comment: This is reasonably simple, however nice and rewardingly light, great warm weather malt - I can see myself getting stuck into this throughout Japan's humid weather. I could argue a bit about the price and the ABV, but I enjoyed it enough not to go on about it. 

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