Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sample Sessions 2: Part C

Yoichi Single Cask 1988 - Age: 23yo - Cask#100129 -  Warehouse No.15 - ABV: 61%

Nose: Complex. Straight up rich, earthy - sweet peat, and plant pot soil. There is a mixture of savory and sweet aromas. The former represents Salada crackers while the later shows trademark bubble gum and sherry, very warming. There is a pleasant smell of a freshly used barbecue plate. There is evident fruit (even citrus in my opinion) on the nose, once past the gorgeous peat - reasonably tropical: pineapple, pawpaw and banana (chips). A dash of water makes this malt one hell of a ride and ups the ante on everything stated above.

Taste: Explosions of rich, spicy/sweet peat - again gorgeous peat at that, which transits into crispy char-grilled potato skins, tree bark, grated seared ginger, and tame sherry. There are also hints of chicken salt and menthol with a spicy/sweet BBQ sauce coating your mouth. Water brings out waves of faint pureed fruit; although the ABV is high diluting this malt is not needed in my opinion.

Finish: Long, tingly, salty, with yep…sweat peat. Yum!

Comment: Please sir! Can I have some more?

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